Monday, December 2, 2013

Ice Tea. Oil on Canvas. 48" X 60" 2013

Artist's Statement

In these narrative paintings, I create my own strange space, a gap space of irony, where what is expected is not what actually occurs. 

The work is smart and funny in its illumination of the absurd. I respond to the artifice of hierarchy, exposing a precarious balance of socially sacred and mundane images. Wickedly humorous metaphors reveal a keen observation of human behavior. The table is a stage, and the monkey is a mirror of ourselves.

Discovery is sometimes funny, and I have found laughter to be a part of the evolution of my work. I investigate my world with an adventuresome approach to color, surface and paint, as I work back and forth combining drawing with painting. Spontaneity is a part of my process, and the final painting usually arrives as a blend of critical plan and chance. Thus, I heed Louis Pasteur, who said “…chance favors only the prepared mind.”

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